Water Treatment Basics (Online Course)

Water Treatment Basics:

This course is intended as introductory training for personnel selling, stocking, designing or maintaining water treatment systems. The students will learn the basic principles of the water system, and water quality including:

  • Residential Water Quality Issues
  • Local Effects of Water Quality
  • Local Effects of Hard Water
  • Causes of Water Quality Issues
  • National Drinking Water Regulations
  • Measuring Water Hardness
  • Local Water Hardness
  • Test for Water Hardness
  • Explain Water Hardness
  • Monitoring Drinking Water Quality
  • Public Water Supply
  • Private Water Supply Test Results
  • Monitoring Local Water Quality.

CWQA recommends Water Treatment Basics be taken as part of a designation like Certified Water Treatment Technician (CWT) or Certified Water Treatment Installer (CI) 

Water Treatment Basics give syou the pre-requisites to progress to Water Treatment Fundamentals (Online Course)

Water Treatment Basics Course Outline