Core Design (Online Course)

Core Design:

This course will introduce the students to the basic principles and practical life activities (supervised- on the job activities) of the water treatment system including:

  • Water Diagnosis and Solution Recommendations - Aesthetic Problems 
  • Common Water Problems 
  • Identifying and Treating Regional Water Problems 
  • Practice Treating for Pharmaceuticals, Personal Care Products and Endocrine Disrupting Compounds in the Water 
  • Practice Treating Chromate, Uranium, Perchlorate, and Sulfate in the Water 
  • Practice Corrosion Control 
  • Practice Treating Radium, Barium and Radioactive Decay in the Water 
  • Practice Treating Tannins in the Water 
  • Practice Treating Phosphates and Chloramines in the Water 
  • Pipe Sizing

Pre-requisites: Basics, Fundamentals