Maintenance of Evaporative Condensers with axial fans

By:  Arianna Badulli  on  Mar 14, 2022

How to preserve the performance of closed-circuit cooling towers and evaporative condensers equipped with axial fans?  

Here we focus on the operations to carry out proper ordinary maintenance on appliances equipped with axial fans and heat exchanger coils in hot galvanized steel.

The webinar will focus on the maintenance activity to be carried out for:

  • Decsa's REF-A series, a closed-circuit evaporative cooler made of galvanized steel sheet Z-725 and axial fans, designed to cool water without contamination with the atmosphere and suitable for applications in industrial, air conditioning and power generation.
  • Decsa's CFR-A series, an evaporative condenser made of galvanized steel sheet Z-725 and axial fans, ideal for industrial refrigeration applications.

Below are the key points we will focus on during this appointment:

  • Evaporative Condenser (CFR-A)
  • Closed Circuit Cooling Tower (REF-A)
  • 3 assembled sections Maintenance of the upper part (fan section)
  • Maintenance of the intermediate part (heat exchanger)
  • Maintenance of the lower part (water basin)
  • Questions & Answers

More information on REF-A evaporative coolers is here.

More information on CFR-A evaporative condensers is here.