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Scrub Sinks & ADA Scrub Sinks by Whitehall Mfg for Healthcare Facilities

Whitehall® scrub sinks, available in standard and ADA models, assist doctors and other healthcare personnel with scrubbing up before operations. Scrub sinks are available in one-, two-and three-station configurations and are fully customizable to fit each facility’s needs. Options for scrub sinks include soap dispensers, eye/face washes, sensor operation, antimicrobial copper construction and more. Watch the video to learn how Whitehall scrub sinks are redefining pre-op scrub ups! ...Read More

How to Remove & Clean Ligature Resistant Toilet Seat - Whitehall Mfg.

In this video, you'll learn how to remove and clean Whitehall's ligature-resistant toilet seat cover.

Why choose BestCare products? We understand our industry’s needs. Whitehall’s® BestCare products are designed to meet the unique application challenges faced by behavioral healthcare facilities seeking to maintain the balance between patient safety, security, and creating a non-institutional environment. All BestCare products are designed to ensure patient safety with ...Read More

BestCare®️ Ligature-Resistant Vinyl Floor Drains by Whitehall®️ Manufacturing

When patient safety is a concern, no detail should be overlooked. Whitehall®️ BestCare®️ ligature-resistant products are designed to minimize points of attachment that patients could use to hurt themselves or others. This animation showcases the BestCare Ligature-Resistant Floor Drain, highlighting its unique features and benefits for healthcare facilities.

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How to Install BestCare® Ligature-Resistant Mirrors by Whitehall®

Whitehall® BestCare® ligature-resistant mirrors are ideal for behavioral healthcare applications, as they minimize ligature attachment risk and cannot be shattered. This short animation demonstrates how BestCare mirrors are mounted and secured to the wall using concealed hardware.

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Water Delivery Products for Hydration and Hygiene | Murdock Manufacturing

Whether you're in the market for indoor or outdoor drinking fountains, bottle fillers, or hand washing stations, we have it all. With desirable features like touchless sensor operation, easy maintenance, and custom colors, there's no wonder Murdock has been the manufacturer of choice for so long.

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Stainless Steel BestCare® C-Fold Paper Towel Holder Strength Test

Talk about strength and durability! The BestCare® Ligature-Resistant C-Fold Paper Towel Holder by Whitehall Manufacturing® is strong enough to withstand the weight of a Jeep! Protect your patients where risk is a concern.

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How to Use a Dual Temperature Touchless Sensor Activated Faucet - BestCare® by Whitehall Mfg.

In this quick animation, you'll learn how to activate a touchless, sensor-activated faucet from the BestCare® line by Whitehall Manufacturing.

Our WH3375-HC-SO triangular faucet limits users from using the product as a ligature device. The faucet features sensors on left side for tempered and right side for cold. A dual temperature solenoid valve is also supplied.

Features of the touch-less faucet: - Ligature-resistant - Helps with infection prevention - Heavy duty chrome ...Read More

EZReach™ Compact Water Bottle Filling Station Installation | Murdock Mfg.

Replace almost any installed water fountain with a Murdock EZReach™ Compact Bottle Filler, available in refrigerated and non-refrigerated models. Before you start, be sure to shut off your main water supply and unplug the unit if it's refrigerated. The Murdock EZReach™ compact water refill station is two-thirds the size of standard bottle fillers and universally designed to fit most applications.


- Sanitary sensor operation

- Surface-m ...Read More